Kevin Lee

I'd like point out a promotion the @solrepublic Twitter account is running, because it is an awesome example of how a CE company can get the most out of social media.

Headphone maker SOL Republic, founded earlier this year by Monster and Beats veteran Kevin Lee, has announced plans to take the products wide, through deals with Apple Stores and Best Buy.

Kevin Lee, who has worked with his father Noel, the Head Monster at Monster Cable, since he was in junior high school, has started a separate company, SOL (Soundtrack of Life) Republic

Talking with Rob Kujath about football is like watching a kid scan a holiday toy catalog. His eyes light up and his grin turns infectious as he dreams up elaborate new schemes for having work, no less. “What’s that movie where Tom Hanks gets to design toys all day?” he asks, pausing for it to come to him. “‘Big’! I’m like Tom Hanks in ‘Big’! I get to try out new things and say, ‘THIS would be really cool.’ I go to the store and hang out on the weekends!” Kujath’s store is Baillio’s, a two-branch independent retail powerhouse in Albuquerque and

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