Lady Gaga

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The week belonged to BlackBerry. New operating system, new phones, maybe even a shot at turning things around. But perhaps the most surprising twist at the company's big Wednesday launch was the appearance by Alicia Keys. The Grammy award-winning pop star wasn't there to simply vouch for the trendiness of the new devices. She is now the struggling company's global creative director.

The appropriate response is probably 'WTF.' Actually, it's a match that makes about as much sense as, say, Lady Gaga teaming up with Polaroid or Jessica Alba hawking Windows Phone.

What do women want in CE?

“Marketing to women is a code that hasn’t been broken yet – especially for headphones,” said Noel Lee, the head monster at Monster Cable,

And Lee is determined to be the code-breaker.

That’s what led him to tap the talents and endorsement of ultra-hot pop singer Lady Gaga for Monster’s new Heartbeats by Lady Gaga high-performance headphone line, due to debut in October through a select range of launch partners including Apple Stores, Best Buy and a limited group of Monster specialists.  

Head Monster Noel Lee, saying that his company won't release a product unless it's a category leader, unveiled new Ethernet cables, in-ear headphones, mounts and power products for the custom and retail markets.

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