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Every year Dealerscope has the pleasure of honoring the most influential leaders in consumer technology with the Dealerscope Hall of Fame Awards. The inductees are selected by the magazine staff after consulting with various members of the industry. This year, Dealerscope honors five individuals from the retailing and manufacturing parts of the industry. These inductees represent the best and brightest talent in the consumer electronics world. They have singled themselves out through their vision, leadership and accomplishments, and have helped shape the industry for the better. In the pages that follow we profile this year’s inductees and allow them to share their experiences and

The holiday shopping season is over, and we're into the return, exchange and after-holiday sale season. Though the numbers aren't in yet, based on anecdotal conversations with retailers and my own observations of the crowded mall parking lots throughout December, 2002 didn't end on such a bleak note after all. Just about every report on holiday shopping listed CE products as the hottest category for gifts. DVD players, and the accompanying software, sold like candy canes. Video game consoles, digital cameras and PDAs also rated high on wish lists. Of course, that doesn't mean that everything is rosy. Unemployment is up; technology corporations continue

Texas Instruments helps bring DLP home By Grant Clauser E-Gear Editor-In-Chief Who would have thought that a physicist's solution to an airline ticket printing problem would spawn a technology that could potentially revolutionize the way people view video—both at home and in theaters? Texas Instruments with its Digital Light Processing technology, using a digital micromirror, has already changed the business projection and home theater market in a major way. DLP projectors and televisions are among the most coveted and drooled over products in any high-end video retailer's show room. As this technology progresses, TI hopes to change the way everyone views video. The origins

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