Larry Rougas

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Longtime executive Larry Rougas departed Pioneer last week and accepted a position with Nikon, the company announced in an email to reporters.

The mobile electronics category, perhaps more than any other CE sector, has felt the impact of inflated gas prices and shrinking discretionary income. To help retailers navigate the bumpy market, Dealerscope interviewed executives from several major aftermarket manufacturers to see what strategies they’re using to overcome the challenges. Dealerscope: What are some of the main challenges and issues your dealers face heading into Q3 and 4? Michael West, marketing director, Eclipse: Consumer mindset is the biggest problem. People are feeling bad about the housing crisis and economic conditions. Dealers need to emphasize what’s great about what they sell: car audio and navigation devices

The 2008 International CES’ focus is predominantly on relationships and connections. Companies are truly interested in the consumer, listening to their needs (or demands) and developing solutions that exceed expectations. When consumer electronics companies listen to the consumer, they hear that they want their devices faster, smaller, more intuitive, with the ability to connect to or directly provide services, like file sharing and printing for cameras, for example. Retailers’ attention to consumers’ desire will also pay off in selling these new items unveiled at CES. Pioneer Meeting the consumer demand is certainly the backbone of Pioneer’s latest and greatest innovations. For the

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