By Jim Pearse, Ultimate Electronics "Do you like music? I do, and if you're anything like me, you like the bass. Yes, the deep down, funky boom-boom emanating from a fine car stereo… Boom, wicky-wicky. Boom-boom. Wicky-wicky. Boom…. But to round things out, I'd like to add a touch of shicky shaw shaw…." If you'd risk sinking dollars into a radio campaign using this copy, read on. Figuring out alternative mediums for reaching today's largest influential buying segment, Generation Y, is causing marketers to scramble back to the drawing board. Gen Y captures anyone born from 1975 to 1981, though some research

Portland Entrances & Exits: Office Depot opened two stores in the area, one each in Salem and Hillsboro. JC Penney's left Lloyd Center Mall, and it has not yet been replaced. Future Shop and Levi's both closed their sites in downtown Portland. Pep Boys entered this market, opening a store in the suburbs. Economy: Portland's metropolitan area is extremely healthy. According to Grubb Ellis, a commercial brokerage and property management firm, the market's overall retail vacancy rate in 1998 was just 4.4 percent, up only one-tenth of a point from 1997. Great for the landlord and great for the city, but not-so-great for the

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