Lisa Walker

Though it holds all the sex appeal of a frying pan, a terabyte may very well be the most romantic gift you could present to your dearest one this year, a year when many American consumers have finally reached the capacity limits of their home computer hard drives.

It shouldn’t happen to anybody, but it especially shouldn’t have happened to Mike Marri. A 25-year photography enthusiast and uber-techie who runs a custom home electronics business in New Jersey, Marri recently took a family vacation to the West Coast: San Francisco, Monterey and Santa Monica and documented that trip like a one-man paparazzi. Over 700 hundred high-impact, emotional and priceless images ended up on his memory card. And to this day, he hasn’t been able to get them off. He has tried. His local camera shop owner has tried. Software programs, recovery strategies, this product and that product have all been unable

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