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Last week, CEA and president and CEO Gary Shapiro was named a “Titan of Technology” by the Northern Virginia Technology Council. Here’s the speech he gave to the group

PHILADELPHIA- The Consumer Electronics Association’s “America Wins With Trade” tour bus rolled into Philadelphia Wednesday morning, where CEA personnel visited the headquarters of Neat Receipts, Inc., conducted a product demonstration, and then spoke with reporters. Throughout, the CEA and Neat Receipts executives spoke of the need for ratification of pending free trade agreements- especially those with Colombia, Panama and South Korea- as well as a general pro-free trade position, which CEA senior vice president for industry affairs Jason Oxman said the industry supports “with one voice.” The event began in the Market Street offices of Neat Receipts, a scanning solutions provider founded

Accepting a challenge issued months ago, CNN host Lou Dobbs had Consumer Electronics Association President/CEO Gary Shapiro as a guest on his show last week, and the two men sparred over free trade. The CEA is for it, while Dobbs, in recent books and on his program, has been outspoken about his opposition to free trade agreements. The debate was contentious, with Shapiro offering, near the end, to have a “real debate” another time. In the debate, Shapiro argued that free trade has helped America, including the electronics industry- specifically singling out loudspeaker maker Thiel has benefited from the North American Free Trade

The head of the Consumer Electronics Association is trying to take the group’s free trade campaign to a new place- CNN. Gary Shapiro, the CEA’s president and CEO, has challenged CNN talk show host Lou Dobbs to a live debate on Dobbs’ show. At issue are Dobbs’ hard-line stances on trade and protectionism; the CEA supports unfettered free trade, and has been lobbying Congress to upheld existing free trade agreements, as well as to grant trade promotion authority to the president. Shapiro said in a statement that Dobbs’ “anti-trade comments on his cable show and his refusal to grant equal time to

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