Community activities can help retailers recruit new customers By Diana Sir Louis Director of Fort Wayne Operations Stucky Brothers, Great Buys Plus, Inc. As the screen rolls down and the lights start to dim, the customers rush to get to their seats. Class is now in session. No, we didn't take our customers back to college; we brought the college to Stucky Brothers (Stucky's). Gone are the days of the traditional route of advertising your products in the media and knowing customers would come. It is imperative to go out and recruit customers in much the same way universities recruit athletes.

By The Dealerscope Staff What's going to keep retail profitable this year? Dealerscope polled retailers and listened to retail executives of various formats and sizes to determine what practices they deemed important to their bottom line in 2002. The response, to a great extent, sent us back to basics, with a few twists. 1. Strengthen Employee Training Sales associates: your best asset or your greatest liability. The same goes for everybody else on payroll. "Probably the biggest best practice we have is a dedication to employee education," said Tweeter Home Entertainment Group CEO Jeff Stone. Every Tweeter employee, including corporate office employees, goes

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