By David Dritsas This is a busy time of year. Even without the madness of the holidays, November through January is a bustling period for the CE industry, especially for the consumer PC industry. Product introductions raining down from both COMDEX two months ago and this month's CES are all around. Here' a look at some of what's been going on. Broadband Internet access seems to be the impetus of all-things digital these days. The leaders of this are DSL and cable services, with satellite Internet transmission as a minor player. But at CES, Pegasus Broadband hopes to gain more support for satellite-based Internet services. Beginning

By Janet Pinkerton Like ants to candy on the sidewalk, everybody wants a piece of the home network market. With a variety of data rates and communications protocols at its disposal, the CE and PC industries are wrestling with what technologies will be appropriate to what applications. The expectation is that a variety of protocols and technologies will be appropriate for various sections of the home network, with the network media being a patchwork of options: dedicated wiring, existing powerline or phone line, or unlicensed radio frequencies. Where the intelligience of the network resides is open to debate--Intel sees the PC at the nexus of any home network,

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