Lyndon Johnson

While driving our Lexus RX350 F-SPORT tester, I read a lot of hate on the internet about the Lexus Remote Touch controller. I don't get the hate. In fact, I rather like the "mouse" controller.

Some autojourno types lambaste the control interface, saying it's more distracting to use than a traditional touchscreen. Balderdash, say I.

The haptic feedback of the Remote Touch controller makes it less distracting by allowing me to feel my way around the menu interface without having to look at the screen much at all, now that I've gotten used

This is the USB stick Chevrolet MyLink would not recognize in my 2013 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ test car. No big deal– it was a freebie USB drive anyway. (Lyndon Johnson photo) Earlier this week, I told you of my difficulties getting a USB stick to be...

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