When it comes to time for Apple to unveil its quarterly earnings, it's tempting to focus on post-PC devices such as the iPhone and iPad, but the company's latest quarterly earnings breakdown suggests...

On Friday, Apple revised its list of "vintage and obsolete products," for which it has discontinued support. Vintage products are those that were discontinued more than five and less than seven years ago, and which still have limited support in California due to statute. Obsolete products are those that were discontinued more than seven years ago, for which Apple has discontinued all hardware service with no exceptions.

Founded in 2006 and based in San Diego, Calif., Soundcast Systems is a privately funded company bringing its new wireless technology to the electronics market and arming consumers with a simple, affordable way to stream crystal-clear digital music throughout the home. Soundcast has employed a patent-pending frequency hopping technology that prevents transmitted signals from being affected by outside interference. Its easy-to-use, moderately-priced wireless audio transmission systems connect iPods, MP3 players, Macs and PCs to home theater systems or amplified speakers. While there are many wireless products on the market claiming to play digital music on home theaters, Soundcast products provide an interference-free,

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