Magnolia Hi-Fi

Staying independent in the Best Buy family By Natalie Hope McDonald Smaller business' bogeyman isn't always bigger business. In 2000, Best Buy bought Magnolia Hi-Fi. Though at first it may have seemed like just another way to gobble up the little guy, it wasn't. Instead, independent-spirited Magnolia got bigger, better and stronger thanks to the chain's support, said Jim Tweten, Magnolia's president and CEO. He's confident that by running with Best Buy, his own distinctive stores had a better chance of carving out a unique niche with mainstream financing. Don't believe him? Keep in mind it's personal; Tweten's father founded the store,

The proliferation of digital cameras caused the photo-sharing and photo-processing Web-based services to sprout like mushrooms after the rain. The number of photo-processing self-serve kiosks at the retailers' stores has yet to catch up, but they certainly help increase the popularity of digital cameras. This is good news—it means more sales of the digital imaging products for retailers, more photo-sharing and processing choices for consumers and more partnerships between the online photo services and retailers to provide photo-processing services through kiosks and at the retailers' Web sites. For consumers, processing online includes many perks, such as free delivery, next-day processing, special offers or compatibility with

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