Mark Aling

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Paradigm has announced that it has begun shipping its Soundtrack 2 product, described by the company as a 6-driver soundbar and wireless subwoofer system
 “When it comes to all-in-one value-oriented powered audio solutions, our Soundtrack™ 2 system is a winner," Mark Aling, Senior Director of Marketing for Paradigm, said as part of the announcement.

Paradigm Electronics said Wednesday that it has named Mark Aling director of marketing for the Paradigm and Anthem brands. Aling, a 15-year veteran of the company, was previously marketing manager.

Paradigm Electronics announced Thursday that Bob McDonnell is the company's new vice president of sales for North America, while Marketing Manager Mark Aling will now handle all marketing for the Paradigm and Anthem brands.

Dealers across the country have been adjusting their business models, product sets and service offerings to offset whatever business they lost in the recession.

Apple’s absence at CES had absolutely no effect on the release of a huge amount of iPod and iPhone compatible products. Aimed at the MP3 crowd, the gear hit all price levels, from inexpensive combo docking stations/clock radios to serious components such as Peachtree Audio’s new Nova amplifier. There was also a lot released in the traditional categories.

For the custom electronics and home automation suppliers at this year’s International Builders’ Show (IBS), the soft housing market and the lag in recovery that is expected to occur well after the federal government’s economic stimulus package takes effect are all the more reason for them to have a presence on the floor here, in Orlando’s sprawling Orange County Convention Center. “This is our first IBS, and the reason we came,” explained Paradigm’s marketing manager, Mark Aling, “is to help set up home builder-installer contacts. Lots of home builders don’t know who to trust on the CI side. When you give that key

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