Mark Zuckerberg

Despite the HTC First “Facebook Phone” flopping so hard last year that it prompted AT&T to halt sales mere months after the gadget’s introduction, rumors ran rampant recently as to Mark Zuckerberg possibly wanting a do-over. This time, in partnership with Samsung, not HTC. And, we presumed, with no ill-advised carrier exclusivity plans. But as it turns out, Zuck wasn’t meeting with Sammy officials to discuss a next-gen Facebook Phone.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Credit: James Martin/CNET) Mark Zuckerberg's political action group has added a few other tech heavy hitters to its membership roster. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gate, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Intuit CEO Brad...

Fortune senior writer Jessi Hempel about how he's reinvented Facebook to address the huge audience of customers who access the social network on their smartphones.

Fortune: Talk about the process of becoming a mobile-oriented company.

Zuckerberg: When the iPhone first came out, we built one of the first apps. It was called 320. The framework we built was really far ahead of everyone else. It was 2008 or so, and this design of Facebook was

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