Martino Corto

Rajan Sen may be one of the most dedicated prosumer photographers in the country. The New Yorker rarely leaves the house without a camera strapped to his body. He often carries more than one camera, along with plenty of accessories, preparing himself to capture images of the city’s most famous landmarks in each season and in all types of lighting.

You might wait 30 minutes or so for a table at a favorite restaurant, but would you stand and wait for camera advice? At Adorama, a Manhattan camera store that’s developed an uber-loyal following over its three decades in business, customers daily line up after taking a number, waiting for a gentle computer voice (“Now serving 113 at Station 2...”) to guide them to one-on-one help. Store manager Martino Corto says New Yorkers exhibit such uncharacteristic patience because each Adorama salesperson has real-life experience in imaging. “Our sales staff are photographers and they speak to customers like photographers,” says Corto. “They sell

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