Marty Goldberg

A. N.E.W.’s Martin Bloom and Danny Hourigan B. Sam Mizrahi of DigiPower C. Leo and James Dardashti of Atlantic, Inc. D. Hitachi’s Daniel Lee with some of the company’s new plasma TVs E. Tim Dorwart of Cerwin Vega F. Sharp’s Mike Troetti, Mark Crandell and Steve McNally at the HTSA reception G. Scott Herzog, Kevin Rupkey, Bruce Wolfson, Bruce Caldwell and Frank Trigo of Banker’s Warranty Group, surrounding HTSA's Richard Glikes H. Marty Goldberg of Lenmar I. Universal Remote Control’s Doug Cole J. Fred, Judy and Mike Klipsch K. Pat Lavelle and Tom Malone of Audiovox L. Monster’s Noel Lee with Jean-Pierre Van Tiel (DSG) and CompUSA President Roman Ross

China's booming electronics manufacturing base is set to change U.S. business and branding models forever. By Janet Pinkerton and Joe Paone Not since the arrival of Japanese CE products on these shores during the 1960s has such a fundamental change in the industry fabric occurred as the recent ascendancy of Chinese manufacturers and products. For many years numerous retailers have sourced inexpensive Chinese products and offered them as house brands or impulse buys. Now, however, Chinese companies are building brands, perfecting production, ramping up R&D, delivering innovative features, and they are in a position to change the industry as we know it, for good

Has 2003 been an improvement over 2002? What are the biggest technology trends and how is the market dealing with them? What will people want in 2004? These are just some of the questions we face every time we close the book on one year and open it for another. We took those questions to leaders in the consumer electronics industry and offer you their insights. What was your biggest-selling product category? Frank Sadowski, vice president of consumer electronics merchandising, Digital Cameras. The products continue to improve in technology and offer great value to consumers. Marty Goldberg, president, Lenmar In 2003, Lenmar

Industry People on the Move In response to recent growth, Lenmar Enterprises announced changes in executive management. Former president Marty Goldberg takes on CEO responsibilities; Kathleen Morgan, previously vice president, will act as president. Samsung's Digital Information Technology Division (DITD) has created two new posts: Sean Stead was appointed marketing product manager for storage, while Alan Brawn became manager for pro A/V marketing. Michael Troetti was named president of the Panasonic Enterprise Sales Group. Troetti most recently served as president of the company's Home and Commercial Company. CSI/SPECO hired Matt Charles as its new audio products manager. Charles has held positions with Pro

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