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The 810 system comprises two primary elements: the 810 Reference Video Projector, an entirely new D-ILA-based digital projector offering 10 megapixels and the 810 Reference Video Scaler, a special processor designed to optimize the imaging of HD and standard resolution inputs for the vast new possibilities offered by a 10 megapixel projection environment. The Meridian 810 Reference Video Projector offers an effective resolution of 4096 x 2400 pixels, or 10 megapixels. It also has extremely high light output capability. Powered by a PKI Xenon lamp, it is capable of delivering up to 4,000 lumens. In addition, the projector has a native contrast ratio of

Meridian America Tuesday previewed a $185,000 two-element front projector and video scaler system it will introduce at CEDIA Expo. The system is based on JVC’s D-ILA technology and semiconductor developer Marvell’s Qdeo video processing. “It took us 20 years to designate a CD player as ‘reference.’ It’s one term we don’t use lightly,” said Meridian’s director of technology, Ken Forsythe, in describing the new 810 Reference Video System. The 810 has a new version of the JVC light engine which fully utilizes megapixels that JVC masks down to tailor this technology for its target military and commercial markets. This results in

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