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LAS VEGAS- At a Palm Casino nightclub packed Monday night with dealers and journalists Mitsubishi finally took the sheets off a technology the company had been talking about for more than two years. The laser TV, a rear projection technology that replaces the lamps with lasers, displays twice the color gamut of any other current television technology and uses much less power, said Mitsubishi’s Max Wasinger. “Nothing can reproduce the color intensity of the laser,” he added, and noted that laser manufacture is one of Mitsubishi’s core competencies. The 65-inch, 1080p widescreen HDTV model shown was about 10-inchs deep and is expected to be

Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) is announced the annual winners of the HTSA vendor awards for 2004. Every year, HTSA recognizes outstanding vendors and individuals in six categories. The HTSA Vendor of the Year for 2004 is SpeakerCraft. The Most Profitable Vendor is Monster Cable. The Most Supportive Vendor is Sharp Electronics. The Best Product for 2004 is the Mitsubishi WD65725. The Custom Product of the Year is Crestron's TPMC-10. The Man of the Year is Max Wasinger of Mitsubishi. The awards will be formally be presented at the HTSA Cocktail Party at CES on January 5, 2005

At the Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America (MDEA) line show in Orlando last month, new product announcements received as much fanfare as the company's views on IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connections, which MDEA includes—along with 5C copy protection and Net Command 2.0 home theater control software—in all of its integrated HDTVs and D-VHS digital VCRs. VP of Marketing Bob Perry proclaimed the merits of 1394 digital connections for home theater use as opposed to DVI connections. He said DVI was invented to port video from a computer to a PC monitor, not for home theater use. DVI video signals are uncompressed and cannot be recorded.

Max Wasinger was promoted to senior vice president of sales and marketing at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America (MDEA) in Irvine. He is responsible for marketing, sales operations, field quality and traffic and distribution for the global consumer electronics firm. Wasinger joined MDEA in 1987 after 14 years with the electronics firm Quasar. Roberts Associates has been appointed the new representative company of Russound for the six New England states. Roberts Associates will be targeting specialty retailers, custom specialists and residential systems contractors. Roberts Associates is comprised of three outside salespeople, a full time sales trainer, a detailer and one inside sales and support person.

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