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As a specialty retailer, Tweeter keeps its finger on the pulse of new technologies and also takes a stand on them, said VP of Marketing Noah Herschman. "Just because it's a new technology doesn't mean we're going to endorse and carry it," he said. Throwaway DIVX discs and digital compact cassette (DCC) are examples of new technologies Tweeter passed up. "We're trying to sell stuff that's going to be around for a long time," Herschman said. "That's how you build customer relationships." Tweeter carries all the varieties of display technology, from flat-panel plasma and LCD screens, to the thinner tabletop projection TVs and

In summer 2000, Tweeter launched a large national rollout of custom installation services. By June 30, 2001, the company employed 121 dedicated installation professionals and expected to double that number over the next year. Senior Vice President Shelly Miller said Tweeter is about two-thirds of the way toward standardizing the approach and in-store presentation of installation services in all the company's stores. By this time next year he expects it to be 90 percent there. CEO Jeff Stone said Tweeter noticed customer demand for custom installation for several years. "We were focused on so many other things, we just didn't have the

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