Mike Aguilar

Supply Chain management has shifted from moving boxes to moving profit By Rajeev Kak Director, High Tech Industry Marketing i2 Technologies At the PLANET High Tech Conference sponsored by my company in Santa Clara, Calif., last May, Mike Aguilar, President and Chief Operating Officer, Panasonic Company National, said, "Our largest customers came to us and said, "You have to start a system of supply chain management. You need to reduce our inventory. You should be reducing yours as well. And most important, you have to reduce the lead-time for both of us. The company that comes to us and can keep us in stock

Best Buy and Panasonic tap i2 software to manage inventory By David Dritsas Best Buy and Panasonic are using some new software technology to improve their own internal systems as well as external communications. Panasonic is aiming to speed up its shipment of product to dealers, while reducing inventory and improving in-stock. Best Buy is replacing its core systems to improve its own internal distribution of products. Both companies are using business-to-business software from Cambridge, Mass.-based i2 Technologies. As digital products innovate, the window in which to sell them without discounting grows smaller. That dynamic, combined with a slow economy, means effective

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