Mike Mohan

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

As determined over the summer, Daniel Pidgeon of Starpower is the new chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association. The new executive board and board of industry leaders were elected Wednesday at the CEA Innovate! event in Arizona.

Best Buy is perceived by many in our industry as the touchstone against which most brick-and-mortar and online consumer electronics stores are measured—and also, as a barometer by which the health of the industry is measured. That’s a tall order, but over the last year the company has lived up to that billing, proving its staying power and its ability to rejuvenate and fine-tune its market approach.

Dealerscope recently spoke with Mike Mohan, president of Best Buy’s Home Business Group, during the launch of LG’s CURVED OLED TV ($14,999) at the Magnolia Design Center in Richfield, Minn.  He spoke about the importance of having first dibs on major product launches, marketing and merchandising strategies around new products, and the need for an educated retail sales forces. Here are excerpts from the conversation:

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced two big additions to its Board of Industry Leaders. Dish Network president and CEO Joseph Clayton and Best Buy home division president Mike Mohan are the newest members of the 45-person board. 

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