Mike Thompson

My father worked for DuPont for 30 plus years. I remember the challenges with his job back in that time, when I was teenager in the 70s. In the 60s and 70s, it was acceptable to dispose of your waste in the ground, in the lagoons. I remember my father talking about how he wanted to make small changes at the DuPont plant in Martinsville, Va. From that point forward, I always saw the value of taking care of our resources. My plan was to be a patent lawyer. I worked at NASA for a little over a year part-time while I was

By Tatyana Sinioukov With the impending energy supply problems this year, a home appliance that conserves energy is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Appliance manufacturers and retailers are aggressively promoting Energy Star products, now that the program has gained critical mass with stricter standards and more product categories. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency's voluntary Energy Star ratings program geared up in 1996, with products hitting retail showrooms in 1998. Manufacturers and utilities participated first, and the program didn't see significant retail involvement until late 1998. Now, with Energy Star ratings commonly associated with premium appliance lines, retailers are heavily involved. At Energy

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