Most everyone in this industry works their tails off, logging in countless extra hours to hit a product launch, close a sale or push through the next deal; spending days on the road away from the family grinding out the trade show circuit, maintaining partner relationships or building new ones. At times, it never seems to end. So when the chance comes up to sneak away from the business crowd, call it a relatively early night and add a few hours to an already paltry night’s sleep, common sense should prevail. Yeah, right! The Dealerscope and Epson crew recently threw most common sense to the

The advent of digital technology, coupled with the popularity of flat-panel displays, has got a lot of manufacturers thinking that there's a pretty big game board out there with room for more players. Major manufacturers like Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, LG/Zenith and others have done brisk business in the flat-panel markets. Back in October we reported on the plans of Taiwan manufacturer BenQ to take a role in the business as well. It seems every time we turn around, there's someone waiting in line either to sell or, hopefully, buy an LCD or plasma monitor. The following is a roundup of the latest entries in

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