Mort Rosenthal

New companies in the CE industry pop up everyday, but not everyone brings a fresh new business model to the table, and some names will disappear as quickly as they appeared. But there are those that do succeed and push the industry in new and exciting directions. This month the editors at Dealerscope picked 10 new or emerging companies covering different corners of our market—retail, distribution, and service—we think offer new and interesting concepts and strategies. Time will tell if they have what it takes to become CE superstars, but for now they certainly have a good start. Service provider CE Interactive CEO: Dean

“Darn close to 100 million Americans don’t have a cellphone yet,” says Mort Rosenthal, a man who wants to change that. “They don’t know where to start! Which store do I go to? Will I get sold just the hot new thing? As a consumer, I think we find buying a cell phone to be a pretty miserable experience.” In classic see-a-need-fill-a-need fashion, Rosenthal, the former CEO of a billion-dollar software distribution company, is building a new retail chain called IMO (“Independent Mobile”) with the sole intent of making cellphone shopping easier. His goal is to lure customers with a promise that they’ll be able to

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