Murray Huppin

Career decisions present themselves quite definitively at times, and much more subtly at others. Hav

At this year’s event, held Saturday, Nov. 8 at New York City’s Grand Hyatt, honorees included Mike Fasulo, president and COO of Sony Electronics (Torch of Liberty Award); Murray Huppin, president and CEO of Huppin’s/One Call (American Heritage Award); and John White, executive vice president, BrandSource and Expert Warehouse (S. David Feir Humanitarian Award).

“Embrace change and ensure the outcome benefits the company.”
We hear that phrase constantly. We read some form of it in just about every business-related book written. Yet the number of people and businesses that have failed to follow that advice litter the CE landscape.

Representatives from 17 top-tier dealers that make up the Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group) arrived at one of Scottsdale, Arizona’s most beautiful golf courses at a significant moment in golfing history: just days before a 12-handicapper named Ted Kemp had sunk not one but two holes-in-one during a single round. The odds of that singular achievement are about 62-million-to-one, but Murray Huppin, president of Huppin’s/OneCall, woke early one morning during the the PRO Group’s Spring Meeting to take a shot at the record. He was joined on the course by executives from Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Yamaha. Maybe it was the gorgeous Arizona

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