Neil Snyder

Plantronics Computer Audio Systems Division is preparing to ship a new line of noise-canceling PC-microphones and headsets designed to give retailers and distributors more styles and technology options to present their consumers. Neil Snyder, president of Plantronics' Computer Audio Systems Division, contends his new PC headset line, dubbed .Audio, will deliver the broadest range, with strong margins and strong profitability. The .Audio line consists of: • .Audio 10 PC Microphone ($9.95 estimated street price) • .Audio 20 Monaural PC headset ($14.95) • .Audio 30 Stereo PC earbud headset ($19.95) • .Audio 40 Stereo PC Headset ($19.95) • .Audio 50 Monaural PC headset with in-line control ($19.95) • .Audio 60 Stereo PC

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