Neil Young

At a press briefing at CES Tuesday for his Pono Music venture, rock legend Neil Young announced that Pono is working with Harman to put the high-resolution audio concept in cars. 

Neil Young, an icon of music for going on five decades, hasn't listened to music for 15 years. Why not? Because music in the mp3 format is so degraded that Young can't stand it- even his own. "Everything else was getting better," he thought, "while music got worse." So the rock icon decided to do something about it- he built a new music ecosystem, including both a music store and a player. That's called Pono Music, and it's now reached retail, following the launch of the Pono Music Store. 

We don’t know how much success the Neil Young-backed PonoPlayer mp3 player will have as a product, but we know already that it’s one of the most successful Kickstarter products in history.

The Ponoplayer, the hardware part of a proposed new portable music ecosystem developed by music legend Neil Young with help from Ayre Acoustics, is set to arrive later this month at an MSRP of $399.

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