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Of more than 900 stores nationwide, Best Buy operates 251 locations focused on Hispanic consumers. “Hispanics make a significant impact on our business today,” said Joanna Lauren Duffy, vice president of Best Buy’s media relations and global consumer marketing in New York. “We expect them to account for a large percent of our growth in the next three years.” That’s why at select Best Buy locations, you’ll likely find an emphasis placed on Spanish-language services. “Bilingual employees wear name tags indicating their language abilities,” Duffy said. “We have also implemented an integrated bilingual in-store experience in these 251 stores, including bilingual signage, brochures and

Entertainment Supply Chain Academy (ESCA), scheduled for June 27-28, in Los Angeles, has released its preliminary program schedule, which has been designed to help media content companies and their retailer partners perfect the supply chain for DVDs and other physical media products, while helping develop their next generation supply chains for digital delivery. The program topics include: • Supply Chain Execution in the Product Life Cycle of DVD • Managing Suppliers for Distribution of DVD • CIO Roundtable: Leveraging IT: Beyond SAP • Orchestrating Data Synchronization in the Supply Chain • Merchandising Panel: Managing the Last 100 Feet • The RFID Value Proposition for

The line wraps around the block of South Main Street in East Los Angeles even before the store opens. Latino families wait together, many from Mexico, and South and Central America. Many of these customers are new to the United States, but they’ve already seen a Spanish-language flyer or have been told by a relative where they can go to buy a television, sofa or microwave from someone who speaks their language. That’s how they end up at Dearden’s, a six-floor, one-stop-shop for electronics, furniture, jewelry and travel. While Dearden’s has been in business since 1910, the L.A. chain has been attracting Hispanic customers

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