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CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro said at the organization’s Industry Forum Tuesday that the upcoming 2008 CES – besides all the customary bells and whistles attendees have come to expect at the annual Las Vegas convocation – will feature a bevy of new programs that focus on content, cars and technology development in emerging countries. The show will also have two panels – one after the other – trained on the subject of the analog-to-digital TV conversion and on the industry’s DTV coupon program, on Monday, Jan. 7. The show is expected to attract 2,700 exhibitors to 1.7

The non-profit organization One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) announced Monday that they will launch a two-week program in which the general public can buy two XO laptops, donate one to a child in a developing country and keep one for themselves. Called “Give 1 Get 1,” the program enables residents in the U.S. and Canada to buy two laptops at a partially tax-deductible price of $399, allowing the buyer to keep one laptop while OLPC will send the other one to a deserving child in the developing world. The program has been created to promote understanding of the educational importance of the

A non-profit organization dedicated to buying inexpensive laptops for children in third world countries is considering expanding its reach into the U.S. But the price for the project is going up. Reuters reported Friday that the One Laptop Per Child program, which was established in 2005 by a group of MIT Media Lab personnel, has begun to revisit the subject of introducing the computers in U.S. schools, after earlier rejecting it. The governors of 19 states have expressed interest in joining the project. The computer, the XO-1, was created specifically for the project as part of a partnership with Quanta Computers.

Jude Rake President and COO Fellowes, Inc. Today's business environment offers information analyzed and categorized in every format imaginable. Retail sales data can be very telling, but only after the consumer has made a choice. Does that really tell us what the consumer wants? Or does that tell us what the consumer ultimately settles for? Our challenge is targeting the needs of our consumers, anticipating their wants, developing and producing innovative solutions to meet those needs and wants. Of course, then we have to make them aware of these solutions with world-class marketing that encourages trial and repeat purchase. "Incrementalism is innovation's worst enemy" — Nicholas Negroponte,

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