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Has 2003 been an improvement over 2002? What are the biggest technology trends and how is the market dealing with them? What will people want in 2004? These are just some of the questions we face every time we close the book on one year and open it for another. We took those questions to leaders in the consumer electronics industry and offer you their insights. What was your biggest-selling product category? Frank Sadowski, vice president of consumer electronics merchandising, Digital Cameras. The products continue to improve in technology and offer great value to consumers. Marty Goldberg, president, Lenmar In 2003, Lenmar

When PC Makers Sell CE Products By Natalie Hope McDonald Dude, you may be getting more than a Dell PC. If several traditional IT manufacturers have their way, you may also be getting a high-definition television, digital camera and MP3 player from the same place you buy your computer equipment. These giant PC makers have stepped into the retailing ring with branded consumer electronic products designed to compete with equally giant CE makers. Gateway and Dell are the two biggest players in this market, having initially made names for themselves with personal computers, but both companies have since added plenty of other merchandise to

Tweeter is relocating its Plano, Texas store to a new space just three miles away in Frisco and located next to the Stonebriar Center. Tweeter says that the Frisco market is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas, experiencing a 400% growth rate in the past ten years, according to says Noah Herschman, vice president of Marketing for Tweeter. The median age of a Frisco resident is 30 years old and plans to build a minor league ballpark within the city limits to feature a farm team of the Texas Rangers hopes to bring added excitement to

By Markkus Rovito There are two kinds of coffee drinkers in the world: the kind that settles for a large coffee with cream from Dunkin' Donuts and the kind that insists on an iced mocha latte from Starbucks. "The big box guys are like Dunkin' Donuts; we're like Starbucks," said Noah Herschman, vice president of marketing for Tweeter Home Entertainment Group. "Starbucks is for people who are serious and passionate about coffee. We want to be the store for people who are passionate about not only consumer electronics, but also movies, music and sports, which is what you use consumer electronics for." Tweeter's

As a specialty retailer, Tweeter keeps its finger on the pulse of new technologies and also takes a stand on them, said VP of Marketing Noah Herschman. "Just because it's a new technology doesn't mean we're going to endorse and carry it," he said. Throwaway DIVX discs and digital compact cassette (DCC) are examples of new technologies Tweeter passed up. "We're trying to sell stuff that's going to be around for a long time," Herschman said. "That's how you build customer relationships." Tweeter carries all the varieties of display technology, from flat-panel plasma and LCD screens, to the thinner tabletop projection TVs and

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