An NPD Group survey released Thursday found that around one-third of consumers are at least "somewhat interested" in purchasing a 3D TV. Concerns remain among consumers, including in the areas of cost, convenience, and content availability, NPD said.

Sales of CE in the back-to-school period this year were down from last year, although some categories, including notebook computers, were bright spots.

Pricing levels for tech products began to rebound in December with a three percent increase from November's record lows, according to the latest NPD Consumer Electronics Price Watch, a monthly pricing monitor from The NPD Group.   Overall, consumer electronics prices for a market basket of 27 key items rose slightly from November. This, according to NPD, mirrors 2003 results, which saw prices tick up by three percent from November to December. The overall basket value for the month of December was $10,913, which, while up from November, still represented a nearly 20 percent decline from what the same basket of goods would have cost in December

By Natalie Hope McDonald As one of the best-selling consumer electronics products to date, digital cameras have been infiltrated into business and leisure time for a wide array of consumers. The NPD Group ( recently published a report analyzing the habits of these users based on information from 614 completed e-mail surveys that show gender differences for end result use of digital photography, as well as statistics on related technology sales, including e-mail, printers and storage media. The NPD reported that over the past 12 months, there's been a 26 percent increase in digital camera dollar sales, which is good news

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