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At the IBM Speech Technology Innovation Conference this week in New York City, IBM and Avoca Semiconductor, a developer of voice user interface solutions, announced a partnership with All Media Guide, a provider of music and entertainment content, to support voice control and search on digital entertainment devices, using IBM Embedded ViaVoice speech recognition technology. Beginning with digital music, Avoca and AMG will co-create and design products that make voice an intuitive and easy way to interact with personal media collections. The companies predict that using speech to control a media center or portable media player will become a more natural and

HP DVD Movie Writer DC3000. Available now for $399 SRP. This device combines a DVD recorder with a video capture device and MPEG-2 encoder. The result is a straightforward product that transforms VCR and camcorder videotapes into DVDs. The Movie Writer still needs to be hooked up to a PC to access all pictures, but HP's software guides users through the connection of VCR or analog camcorder, capturing and dumping the video to DVD. Call (877) 656-7058 or visit www.hp.com. SIM2 Domino 20 DLP Projector. Available in October for $5,999 SRP. The Domino 20 home theater projector features Texas Instruments' matterhorn

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