Paul Goldberg

Lukas is an intern for CT Lab.

Arming consumers with the ability to now create their own 3D content, DXG recently launched the DXG 3D pocket camcorder and 3D 7-inch media player bundle, allowing for the filming and playback of 3D video and pictures with no glasses required.

More Mainstream, More Pixels, More Buyers By Grant Clauser 2004 looks to be a year of expanding opportunities for the digital camera business—at least that was the feeling of a lot of vendors and dealers at CES last month. Consumer interest in digital cameras has been steadily growing. An estimated 12.5 million digital cameras were sold to consumers in 2003, two million more than the year before. This year the industry expects to sell about 15 million or more units. Consumers' rush to go digital can be attributed to a number of factors. First, the technology has been around long enough that most

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