Paul Papadeas

Before we get into the next item in my series of 10 turnaround ideas for the mobile electronics industry, you need to ask yourself if you are participating and/or attending the 24th Annual Spring Break Nationals, March 13-14.

Paul Papadeas, International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA) President and Spring Break founder, told me that “more factories are on board this year. Orion and Directed Electronics were forces to be reckoned with in the early years. They’re both back in a big way, planning exhibit space and conducting dealer training seminars.”

I could not agree with Paul more when he added, “It’s long overdue that this industry readdresses its support for independent dealers as a responsibility of customer service, remembering that we independent dealers are, in fact, the manufacturer’s customers.” 

More to the point, if you have been reading any of my columns the past three weeks, and at some point during your reading (at least when your lips were not moving), you found your head nodding up and down, you had to be asking yourself why you would not entertain attending this show.

How Sound Crafters' Paul Papadeas is reshaping IASCA to empower his fellow dealers By David Dritsas A few years ago, staff members of Sound Crafters in Daytona Beach, Florida, played a prank on their boss, Owner Paul Papadeas. One day, a customer came in with a 15-year-old receipt for a purchase he made at the store. Amazed by this, and looking for a bit of fun, they devised a story for Papadeas, telling him that the customer was trying to make a return from that very purchase. The joke was well-received, and Papadeas kept a copy of the receipt. But later, while examining this

The World's Most Famous Sound-Off By Brett Solomon DAYTONA BEACH, FLA.—It is hard to believe that sound-off stalwarts, manufacturers and a plethora of alcohol-enhanced teenagers descended upon Daytona Beach for the fifteenth year in a row. However, this year's Spring Break Nationals was arguably the best ever. First of all, according to the Daytona News Journal, this was the biggest student attendance of spring break in Daytona since 1989. That helped to set the atmosphere for strong attendance and enthusiasm for the Car Audio Expo in Daytona Beach's Ocean Center. Paul Papadeas, president of Spring Break Nationals ("The World's Most Famous Sound-Off and

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