Paul Pirro

All of the talk of stopping the race to zero, commoditization, OEM Integration, leased vehicles with warranty considerations, and vehicle safety left Paul Pirro wondering: Can a high-end modular installation be performed on a modern luxury vehicle delivering killer sound quality and still be profitable? Moreover, Pirro, a volunteer firefighter wanted to be able to toss his firefighting gear in the trunk on his way home. He decided to take on the monumental challenge as a way to showcase the products and installation available at Tint World centers worldwide. 

The Mobile Electronics retailers Association (MERA) announced the educational seminar tracks taking place at the 25th annual Spring Break Nationals Car Audio Expo, held at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Fla., March 19-21.

“After strategic planning sessions which included some of the industry’s best, we are pleased the schedule is complete," stated Paul Pirro, director of member services for MERA.

If you’ve ever torn apart a dash when you didn’t have to, or taken out the center console when the lead was hiding in the trunk, then you understand what mobile installers from Audio Express go through every day. Everyone is an expert, but there’s rarely a day when at least one customer doesn’t come in with a vehicle that is either new to the crew, uncommon or known to have difficult wiring diagrams. “There’s no way that every installer or every salesperson can know the difficulty of every car,” said Grant Phillips, director of purchasing for Audio Express. “There are some cars that

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