Paul Sherman

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

When asked what convergence products he sells, Paul Sherman figured the easiest way to answer the question was by listing the SKUs that don't fall into that category.

"Beyond a few basic televisions, a couple Blu-ray players, couple receivers and some speakers, almost everything we have these days has some aspect of Internet connectivity, the ability to stream audio or video, or do remote updates," said Sherman, the general manager of Sherman's, Peoria, Ill.

Today's CE products are true chatter boxes: they talk to each other, to the Cloud, to smartphones, tablets and just about anything else that's IP-based. But if dealers and retailers don't have a robust, in-store network to properly demonstrate these products, that conversation, especially the one that starts with the customer, is dead.

Paul Sherman, general manger of Peoria, Ill.-based Sherman's, was thinking one day how boring a baseball game would be if only the umpires and coaches were allowed to keep score, while the fans in the seats were left in the dark.

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