Paul Thurneysen

With 5 megapixels, on-board editing, zooms, flashes, and slots ready for 8G (or more) memory cards, many of the premium cellphones on display at CTIA ‘08 have better camera specs than the first few generations of digital cameras ever had. But phone manufacturers are betting that it’s an easy upload experience, not a feature set, which will finally convince consumers to use a cellphone as their primary imaging device. Nokia recently introduced a media sharing service called Ovi which allows users to upload 100 different file types (directly from smartphones) to a totally-free site offering unlimited storage. In terms of photographs, Ovi

The real pleasure of visiting an personal electronics show like CTIA, the wireless conference which ends today in Las Vegas, is not just playing with the high-design devices that’ll be out in a couple of months (i.e. Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C902, a phone with a 5 mp, face-detection camera, straight-to-blog uploading and a Xenon flash ) but hearing the most creative minds in manufacturing dream about what technology could make happen in the next couple of years. Imagine: -Having a camcorder that would allow you to send a video stream directly to a website, so your party or a kid’s play could

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