Pete Baker

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) this week announced the launch of the RTiDock iPod Dock. The dock allows users to sync with iTunes over their networks.

RTI and Pro Control believe that there are major limitations to using smartphones and tablets as remote controls, and they are going to offer companion remote controls to complement their apps.

Maureen Jenson speaks to RTI's Pete Baker about the company's iPad application as well as other Apple integration products.

It's a little ironic that the term "remote control" has come to identify the device that TV watchers have the most direct, personal contact with. The ability to control from a distance originated with radio-controlled motorboats developed by the German navy during World War I. Imagine how those engineers would react to a modern home theater showing a DVD of Titanic. A better term might be "central command," to reflect today's broad capability to customize the functions of audio and video systems according to the needs and preferences of the individual customer. And perhaps too often, remotes are a neglected sales opportunity for dealers

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