Peter Junger

SIRAS is releasing a new Business Intelligence Dashboard that provides its manufacturing partners with products sales and return patterns.

We had a consumer technology moment in the Dealerscope office yesterday. Working on a review for Dealerscope's sister consumer magazine, E-Gear, Senior Editor David Dritsas hooked up Philips' Worldwide Internet Radio FW-i1000 to the corporate shared T1 line. Through it, David could dial in Korean pop, traditional Chinese music, Latin American reggae and amazingly beautiful music from Africa. Everyone was out of their seats, crammed into the FW-i1000's cubicle, marveling at how the Philips' mini-system had opened up a literal world of music. David was still learning the FW-i1000's interface, some Internet radio stations sounded a tad flat, and we all

SiRAS unites retailers adn manufacturers to avoid product returns while satisfying customers By Peter Junger, President, SiRAS Progressive retailers and manufacturers know that in order to sustain growth, they must continually improve customer service, net sales and profits, while lowering returns. But how can a retailer satisfy a customer while avoiding a return? When a customer comes to a store with a return product, the retailer knows that, in most instances, there's nothing wrong with the product, and the customer knows it. The question is how do you handle that situation in a very delicate way. The key lies in understanding the reason(s)

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