Peter Tribeman

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Dealers across the country have been adjusting their business models, product sets and service offerings to offset whatever business they lost in the recession.

Speaker makers Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements demonstrated at CEDIA Expo for the first time publicly a “proof of concept” prototype tower speaker endowed with H-PAS, a patent-pending loudspeaker enclosure technology that endows small-enclosure speakers with low-distortion bass even when reproducing challenging, bass-heavy source material.

The Empress Joséphine, one of history’s master seductresses, once ordered her decorators to fashion a bedroom in the manner of a luxurious military tent so Napoleon might feel the excitement of his many field campaigns right at home. The ploy got rave reviews from her general (later to be her husband), earning Joséphine love letters full of phrases like, “the memory of last night’s intoxicating pleasures has left no rest to my senses.”

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