The home theater accessories provider Gefen announced last week that it has introduced a new, all-in-one-box product that scales audio/video functions in order to make high-definition integration easier. The Home Theater Scaler Plus is available now, at a suggested retail price of $499. The scaler, which is compatible with HDCP and HDMI standards, scales audio and video signals between 480i and 1080p, and supports all formats. It also converts analog A/V to a digital signal, and allows for access to multiple sources from one display. Installation is simply plug-and-play, and is directed at both installers and consumers themselves. For more information

By Markkus Rovito Next-generation video game consoles boast of all kinds of expandability options, but they come packaged with only the bare essentials as far as accessories go. That means add-ons to game consoles at the point of purchase are generally very healthy. The top game accessory manufacturers plan to be ready for the planned launches of the Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Game Cube later this year with a full complement of accessories from the get-go. They'll be demoing, displaying or announcing these accessories along with those for the PC and Sony Playstation 2 at the

What are we selling anyway? The answer comes back "service," not "product." Recent video innovations have consistently been tied to content services: Echostar's Dishplayer (satellite, WebTV, plus digital video recording), Sony and TiVo, the Sony media machine and Playstation II, Sony and Cablevision, the Thomson/Microsoft TAK, the Wink-enabled TVs. Even the baseline Guide Plus+ electronic programming guide is becoming a content aggregator instead of just a guide. Free off-air HDTV programming is less than impressive. If you want the good stuff now, you have to buy into satellite or, in limited areas, cable HD programming options, again service based—leaving manufacturers to subsidize improvements to the free,

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