David Thomas, CEO at Evident, is an accomplished cybersecurity entrepreneur. He has a history of introducing innovative technologies, establishing them in the market, and driving growth – with each early-stage company emerging as the market leader.

Supply chain management is not just a way to control expenses but also a way to increase sales and profits. While IT and operations executives are primarily involved in this area of specialization more and more, marketing and sales are discovering the value and return-on-investment (ROI) of managing the flow of goods and information between the factory and retailer, and ultimately into the hands of the consumer. For those who utilize supply chain management to its full potential, it has become a source of competitive advantage that needs to be understood and practiced throughout various levels of an organization. At the same time as

ObjectVideo announced Monday the release of a retail-oriented intelligent video solution which will be tested at four Staples Business Depot stores in Canada. Intelligent video software analyzes video for whatever specific patterns or red flags it’s been told to spot. OV: Retail, ObjectVideo’s new package, is designed to spot data that will aid in loss prevention, POS fraud detection, business intelligence, public safety and physical security. ObjectVideo has partnered with Checkpoint Systems to create the product, which will monitor POS data and transaction behavior at registers during the trial run. If successful, the software should be able to spot such activity

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