Randahl Ramos

"Customers know within seconds of entering your store if they feel comfortable in the space, and comfort's the most important thing, especially during a recession.  My clients are looking for ways to spruce up their stores without spending too much money. This is the time to do it, while you have the opportunity. Spruce up in anticipation of the wave to come!"
-Randahl Ramos, Retail Store Design Consultant, www.randahlramosstudios.com

Lining up accessories refrigerator row-style worked for a lot of years. But 2008 isn’t one of them, said Peter Foerst, a salesman with over a decade of experience. Foerst works the show floor each day at Mrs. G TV and Appliance, a robust independent retailer located on Rt. 1 in New Jersey, close to the affluent Princeton market. He’s adept at charming both deep and shallow-pocketed customers. But the higher the price point of a particular product, he said, the easier it is for his charms to fall flat. “You can talk ‘til you’re blue in the face about a $15,000 refrigerator with

Tom Huff, the manager in charge of 20 full-time salespeople at Schaefer’s TV & Appliance Center, Lincoln, Neb., remembers the dark days of consumer electronics. It’s not that the store’s business ever suffered. As a 62-year-old independent business that started out as a corner drugstore, Schaefer’s has a great track record at evolving along with its marketplace. But there was a time when the trend was to keep things dark ... literally. “In the 80s and 90s, it was big to keep things dark in electronics departments,” he said. “Everyone thought that was the way to sell TVs. But on a

“A lot of CE retailers insist that because they are in a certain part of the country, their stores should have a traditional look. They want ‘oak and oak only!’ because that’s what their customers have in their homes. But I tell them, ‘No!’ There’s a whole fantasy thing in shopping. Customers want something different from their home. They want some excitement! They watch TV, they go to the movies, and they enjoy very modern, very contemporary sleek lines. They want things that say the future to them.” - Randahl Ramos, store planning and interior design consultant, Randahl Ramos Studios

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