Ray Dolby

Tributes have been rolling in from across the consumer electronics industry following the death last week of Dolby founder Ray Dolby. 

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. announced this week that its President and CEO, Bill Jasper, will retire in late March. Jasper, who has spent 30 years with the company, will be succeeded by the company's CFO, Kevin Yeaman.

The Man Behind The Name By David Dritsas Few people have become immortalized to the point that their name becomes a household word. Dolby is one. But Ray Dolby's name carries more meaning than that of an industry format. It is a name that helped spawn and transform the film, recording and home audio industries. Without his contributions, hi-fi just wouldn't be the same. Born in 1933, his life is typical of someone with a lifelong interest in science. "I was interested in technology since I was five years old," said Dolby, adding anecdotally, "I was the bane of my grandfather especially, because his

By David Dritsas Henry Kloss is a tinkerer. Call the man what you want—a pioneer, legend, inventor or genius—and he's been called it already many times over. The reason why he is where is can be understood by looking at his work bench, or desk, or work area. It's hard to tell what it is really because it's covered with circuit boards, metering devices and anything one might need to dissect an electronic device, to get to the heart of it, and find out what makes it work. Even in retirement, Kloss is still working, not because he is taking a company public,

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