Ray Young

When the entertainment industry launched direct-to-store delivery of DVDs more than 10 years ago, the category’s overall success was rooted in the collaboration between the retailer providing point-of-sale information and the studio turning that data into actionable market intelligence and taking control of the process. For the first time in retail management history, the roles of the players in the supply chain had been rearranged. The role of monitoring product on the shelves was passed from the retailers to the suppliers— wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors—who now had to manage their own product and decide when to replenish the retail shelves. The result was significant reduction

Software company, WebConcepts, Inc. has been serving retailers and their movie studio suppliers since the late 1990s with their state-of-the-art vendor-managed inventory (VMI) solution. The Entertainment Supply Chain Academy welcomes WebConcepts back as a Platinum sponsor. WebConcepts, Inc., a leading supply chain management software vendor specializing in shelf-level replenishment of consumer entertainment product, was founded in 1998 by Ray Young, who sensed a need from the home entertainment divisions of movie studios and other content owners to take a more active role in making sure their retailers have enough product on every shelf to meet the demand during the increasingly short sales windows

WebConcepts Inc. (WCI), the leading software solutions provider for demand planning and replenishment tools for the home video industry, has just made a major push into consumer electronics industry by striking a deal with Ditan Distribution, the leading direct-to-store distributor of videogame console hardware, accessories and software. WCI founder/chairman Ray Young a leading supply chain management software vendor will discuss demand-driven retail planning and replenishment at the Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Academy (CESCA) Jan. 11 at 11:45 a.m., as part of a day-and-a-half conference at the International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center. WCI is a platinum sponsor of CESCA. More information about

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