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Neil Hunt is likely the most important Netflix executive that nobody's ever heard of. While everyone in tech media knows CEO Reed Hastings and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, Hunt's kept a low profile despite the pivotal position he holds as the company's chief product officer. Hunt looks after the video service's technology, including the streaming platform, as well as the tech behind the new feature announced yesterday, which will enable subscribers to share what they watch with their Facebook friends.

Hunt also oversees the unprecedented amount of user data

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ idle comment at a recent investor event that Netflix could bundle its streaming service with cable TV offerings apparently may come to fruition sooner than thought, according to a report.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed the company will not be pursuing videogame rentals. This announcement was made during an investor call today. The origin of Netflix’s videogame plans dates back to September 2011 when Netflix revealed Qwikster would handle its disc-based business.

Qwikster, we never knew ya: Netflix has killed its plans to turn its DVD service into a separate business. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings the news via a blog post this morning, reversing a decision he announced via a blog post three weeks ago. Though the web site for Qwikster, the would-be DVD-only service, said Sunday night that it was “launching soon,” it will never launch at all. The URL now directs visitors to the main   Netflix site. While Netflix had to use some strained logic to explain its decision last

On the Netflix blog and in an email to customers this morning, Reed Hastings, Netflix’s chief executive, announced the separation of his company into two business, one for DVDs and another for streaming. The separation solidifies Netflix’s pricing changes of two months ago, when the company unbundled its streaming service and raised prices for customers. As Hastings describes it, the plan and pricing changes were in preparation for this structural change, and he apologized for not better communicating its rationale to customers.

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