Representative Thomas Hadlock

Increased competition and complexity keep us tossing and turning By Janet Pinkerton In terms of business, what keeps you awake at night? We asked this question to all the Dealerscope Editorial Advisory Board members. "My father-in-law said, 'Tell them you sleep like a baby and that you wake up every two hours screaming,'" quipped Albert Baker, executive VP of the distributor Warren's World. Baker, in early November, mulled who to believe about how to buy. "Every company was coming to us saying, 'There won't be any product for Christmas; buy now,'" he said. "You say to yourself, 'How could the economy

The dot-com demise left the industry with a cleaner e-commerce house By Collin Keefe The dot-com shakeout, which began in 2000 and hit bottom in 2001, reverberates still. "We've seen some slow-down on big ticket sales in some regions, but certainly not nationally," said Alpine Electronics of America's VP of Brand Marketing and Communications Steve Witt. Oasis Advertising's Senior Representative Thomas Hadlock said, "There's less media money available; contraction in the economy has slowed down tech advancement; the restructuring and displacement in the work force; and the re-expression of investment. The world just wasn't going to move that fast." Frigidaire's VP of Communications

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