Ric Clark

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

When high-end home builds slowed down in the Toledo, Ohio, area, management at Jamiesons Audio/Video brainstormed on how to make up for the lost revenue.
 “The way we looked at it, we needed to figure a way to get people to spend money, so we decided to use wireless to promote the aspect of getting people back to the idea of listening to music again,” said Ric Clark, vice president and business partner of the Toledo-based specialty dealer.

           All the receivers and Blu-ray players Jamieson’s sell stream media, but none of the products stood out as well as the Sonos music platform, Clark said. Beyond its ease of installation, it has proven to be a steppingstone to more elaborate home and commercial installations, a portal to referrals and additional jobs, and a way to provide solutions to problems that clients never even knew they had.
For example, a residential client who is also a funeral director had called Jamieson’s for a service call in a three-chapel funeral home shortly after he bought a Sonos system for his home. 

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