Richard Cubbage

While a separate department works for a retailer as large as AAFES, it is not necessarily a practical option for a smaller dealer. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to control loss, said Jeanette Howe, specialty electronics, Nationwide Buying Group. She has seen software programs and other technologies, such as RFID tags and UPC systems, curb theft. But, she added, “For most small dealers, it’s not in their realm yet.” Howe points to one simple function: inventory. Though a seemingly obvious method, she said many retailers don’t count inventory often enough to help curb theft. “Inventory is money,” she said, admitting that conducting

Richard Cubbage is on a mission to reduce retail theft. As a loss prevention analyst for the Army/Air Force Exchange Service, a huge retail operation with hundreds of locations globally and billions of dollars in revenue, his job is serious. A seemingly unending supply chain of inventory and a large infrastructure presents an attractive environment for wayward employees looking for foolproof ways to steal “under the radar”—or so they think. The National Retail Federation (NRF) recently awarded Cubbage for this work at the group’s Loss Prevention Conference, held in San Diego in June. The NRF recognized his work in a nearly year long investigation that

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