Richard Newman

In the months before Brianna Lamberson began studying photography at the Art Institute of Chicago, she heard a rumor that there were bootleg copies of Photoshop floating around campus. Four years later, though, the 22-year-old aspiring photo pro was still looking for that fabled free software. “When I got here, I realized that it was all a legend. The school really put a lockdown on that stuff,” said Lamberson, who’s spent her college career growing increasingly tired of borrowing the cameras, lighting equipment, computers and software programs she needs to turn out her work. Lamberson, now shooting weddings in addition to her

Almost everyone who ends up with a career in retail started by putting in time as a salesperson, working the floor, learning the meaning of “customer service” the hard way. Richard Newman, the Director of Education for Calumet Photographic, a global chain of 30 photography stores and an e-commerce site, did his sales years in California, where the customers provided a never-ending array of unusual needs. “One time, the Getty museum came in and they had just purchased [an expensive painting] they needed to reproduce,” Newman remembers. “I worked with them for eleven weeks getting a good image of that painting, but we

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